Artist’s Statement – Bill Moore

My technical background has led to my interest in the mechanical functioning and survival of insects, fish, and birds.  For example, the use of armor, sharp jaws, and horns, and their ability to jump, fly, and to dig.   This interest in animal survival has resulted in my creating three series of large patinated bronze sculptures.

The first series emphasizes the weapons, armor, and wings used by beetles and grasshoppers for survival.  The Predator Beetle has sharp jaws that are used to kill prey. The male Atlas Beetle uses his horns and armor to defend his territory against other males. The Grasshopper uses his large colorful wings to fly and intimidate enemies.  Creating these insects in patinated and polished bronze dramatizes their weaponry and iridescent colors.  To quote the 19th century French writer M. P. Verneuil, “They are knights clothed in armor…who have arrayed themselves in the most splendid vestments…”

The second series presents the helmets of armored knights and samurai. These helmets incorporate beetles and ancient armored fish.

The third series presents the fossil remains of ancient armored predator fish plus the skeletons of contemporary predator fish.
I am also interested in the beauty of industrial designs. This early steam engine drive system is an example of a simple but elegant design solution. By isolating the drive system in Crosshead, I am directing the viewer’s attention to the beautiful design solution of using a crosshead that allowed the double-acting steam cylinder to turn the drive wheels using both main and side eccentric connecting rods.