Artist’s Statement – Judy Sutton Moore

My sculptural expressions run along two distinct but parallel paths, large scale, site/project specific public art and non-commissioned private work.

The public work does not follow a strict stylistic signature but is both site and client specific. Each sculpture is unique and appropriate for the concept, theme, and purpose of the project. The successful completion of public art is fulfilling with its stimulating challenge of coordination and cooperation between client and artist.

The non-commissioned sculptures can be grouped into several series. Working in series has been the answer to satisfying an exploring mind. The series are ongoing and sometimes run parallel or overlap. The theme of each series varies but the concept of presentation and juxtaposition is consistent. Each body of work explores design interests, unique forms, and creative subjects. The combination of delicate materials with highly polished, finely crafted metals, and unique patinas is used to support the underlining themes. The work satisfies my appetite for the exploration of form and expression while encouraging new ways of viewing.

Birds, boats, houses, and stylized human forms are repeated images. They are often used in combination with trees, fish, and animals. It has always been exciting for me to place familiar images in unique juxtapositions that evoke the viewer to ask questions, have fun, and create their own story. My sculptures do not intend to tell a complete story or even the same story to each viewer but they are to entice.